What is an ecopātra?

'pātra' in Sanskrit means a container and as our products are 100% eco-friendly we added eco to it. Hence the name ecopātra.

We are a startup aimed to provide sutainable solutions, that can be a perfect replacement for environmentally hazardous plastic or foam or fiber based food containers.

What is it made off?

An ecopātra is made from a fallen leaf. Yes! You heard it right. NO TREE CUT!

The naturally fallen areca plam leaf is carefully collected, steam cleaned and pressed into various form.

Though we majorly deal with Areca palm leaves we do also have products made out of Sal leaves, coconut shells and clay.

Why switch to ecopātra?

  • Because, we don't want ourselves inflicted with Cancer like diseases.
  • Because, we shoulder the responsibility to handover a better tomorrow to our future generations.
  • Because, it's we who have to protect ouselves and our Earth from non-degradable, everlasting and toxic wastes being produced by us.